I am what I have become...
a product of where I've been
Those I've known have touched me
I've been moved and shaped by what I've seen

The order was important,
though maybe not designed,
it brought me to where I am
standing here...
...in front of you.

Your world throws you
from one place to the next
a myth we delude ourselves with
to impose order where there was none

Our journeys are in progress
We can travel together...
... or just the same way
   for as long as our paths allow
"Smell the roses" lest they be forgotten
"A smile will keep them guessing"
... and may convince ourselves for a time

The choice is ours to enjoy...
... or regret

-- 2013/03/25


Off station

I once began to hum a tune
I'd never heard before
I recognized it right away
A smile ran 'cross my face

A radio inside my head
between 2 stations found
the melody that filled my soul
and brought me to this place

I'd speak of blooms and lush green grass
if you think you'd believe
but, no, I'll let you dream a dream
and follow in my thought

Walk with me now, let's look around
and hold my hand, along
and be with me, experience,
this world that tune has wrought

2013/03/09 inspired by a haiku by Garnet Psaltery