Silent Butler


It's often said
a second head
(when deftly led)
will aid the plot

When raised from bed
(still feeling dead
and not yet fed)
it strains our thought

But please decide
that you'll abide
the words that guide
and light your way

And we'll provide
the picture, wide
you've been denied
until today

Artist: Scott Rolfe



She spoke to me of days gone by,
reminded me of things I'd missed
of passages from both our books
as if she'd read the words in mine

The passion flowing from her eyes
(it burned away the clouding mist)
recalled the detail of the days
so distant now and so remote

Through other's eyes the world becomes
a different place from what we knew
quite often changing what we've seen,
the episodes we'd lost in time.

So, with her words, a new design,
her point of reference, thoughts and view,
added new color to this past;
and faded greys found antidote.



A question in the rain (100 word version)

A butterfly asks its brother
"Does the tree live?"
He replies
"How can it be? It hasn't changed in all of our lives!"

The butterfly asks the tree
"Are you alive?"
The tree answers
"Think of rain. I am but a raindrop in the ocean.
"I pass through life for a moment.
“Does that answer your question?”
but the butterfly was gone.

The tree asks the mountain
"Are you alive?"

The mountain thinks...
when the mountain answers,
it finds the tree is dust (the butterfly forgotten)

the mountain looks to the universe and asks
"are you alive?"

The universe thinks...

Original version 2009/06/20

Passing on the light (100 word version)

Each star is the soul of one departed
A bell sings out, an angel receives wings
One close takes a new path where I cannot see
Have they ceased to be?


While the light of their face shines for me
their voice echos in my ears
their memories fill my heart

… they are here.

I travel my own road, but always feel them close
They are gone, but not. They will forever live in me

Hurt mellows, tears dry.
Stories shared bring back the smiles
… some day, I, too, will be a memory

For today, I live.



Passing on the light

They say each star represents the soul of one departed;
A bell ringing marks an angel receiving its wings;
A shooting star is an opportunity for a wish to be fulfilled;

All are lights that guide our way and keep us company.

One close to us ends their time with us and takes a new path
travelling on to where we cannot see
Are they there or have they ceased to be?

I don't know if they are there, but they will never cease to be.
Not as long as the light of their face shines for me
Not as long as their voice echos in my ears
Not as long as their memories fill my heart.

I must let them go, but forever will I hold them dear
I must travel on my own road, but I will feel them close

The hurt will mellow
The tears will dry
The love will live on eternally as I pass on my own memories

And, some day,
I, too,
will be the light that guides the ones I have known

2012/07/01 - For Gracie's great aunt and everyone else