Long ago, the beaten drum
poured forth the messages well sought
Long ago, the frenzy hung
strong in the air to right the wrongs

And long ago, the fear was born
and drummed into the children taught
And long ago, the seeds were sewn
to silence meaning in the songs

Even today, the drum is heard
but only hollow echos ring
Even today, new songs are sung
to shine a light on things amiss

But still today vile ridicule
employed to hide the ugly thing
But still today, diversions lead
us closer to this dark abyss



Ever I Belong

I feel you near
Your warm breath on my cheek
Your gentle whispers
The beat of your heart

I feel you close
Your hand in mine
Our arms hooked together
our fingers interlocked

I feel you here
Your head on my shoulder
Your gentle purr as I stoke your face
My world is complete




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I did her wrong

She tells me oft' I've done her wrong
maintains this widely spoken
and hear this: I believed her song
and felt myself: betrayer

But, in my sleep I cracked the chains
and from that cell, I've broken
and though the sting of word remains
I breach each painful layer

I push myself toward light of day
(my lungs now nearly bursting)
toward surface, air, on ground I'll lay
and purge myself of sorrow

Regain my life, my spirit healed
(For that, my soul is thirsting)
and walk myself through flowered field,
enjoy each bright tomorrow

Inspiration via WilliamShakespeare


Another day's end

Another day draws to an end
Journey's done, I shed my load
The sun retreats around the bend
The moon reclaims the silver road

Campfires shine between the leaves
reflecting in the midnight sky
substance from the shadow weaves
a dancing tale to please the eye

Longingly I seek to see
what lingers there, upon the brink,
and holds my focus lovingly
preventing me, e'en now, to think

Do tears live there, within those dreams
or saddened smiles of days gone by?
"Do not try" is said, it seems
"to bring me back." No more to fly

image courtesy of BinaryRhyme with permission


Leaving the Ice Queen

For far too long mine eyes were cloaked
by imagery her lies provoked
along with passion's fires, well stoked
kept me blind, contented

But eyes so cloaked in love's own magic
can fall to searing pain, so tragic
Close the heart's door, chain and latch it
further rending thus prevented

Living so is full of sorrow
ever hiding from tomorrow
memories are sought to borrow
ever searching for a light

This Queen of ice with frozen heart
(leaving victims torn apart)
felt no compassion from the start
and knows not wrong from right

Only when her true love flees,
I crawl away on bloodied knees
consume'd by this foul disease,
escaping from her spell

Bursting, weak, into the day
casting mental chains away
(wrought by her emotions play)
my refuge from that hell

Now I stand, my own two feet
and each new day, I smile and greet
and try to purge the long deceit
that held me for so long

And she now tells me I'm her love
a gift from heaven up above
Belong together, hand and glove
I think she may be wrong.

image courtesy of BinaryRhyme with permission



Twas years gone by, more than I recall, the sand beneath her feet
The warrior lass, who ne'er did fall, stood in the morning sun
It fell upon her stately form, light armor shined and neat
The stance which had become her norm and caused the weak to run

So long ago, when her father fell, she guarded him with ire
A tender age lost to battle's hell, she let no foe come near
'til battle won, and cast his limp husk into the funeral pyre
Then trained she well, from dawn until dusk, to give no home to fear

The darkness soon, it became her friend. She stood within it, tall
Her soul denied, with her childhood end, the bonny joy of youth
And so she stood before all her kin, resolve'ed ne'er to fall
Leather and steel now embrace her skin, and have become her truth

Her battles: fierce, her vic'tries many, a champion forged and smart
Her temper fair, decisions canny, in elven lore renowned
The golden sword, carnelian stone, hard and darkened heart
She took no mate but stands not alone, with kith and kin she's found

Then rose she did as she gained repute, princess of common stock
A legend born, and none would refute the regal nature there
They bade her rule, this reluctant queen, denied her childhood frock
Accept she did and upon this scene she ruled them stern and fair

I tell you now, as I breathe my last, before my memory's lost
how she was loved by all those she passed, a love profound and deep
And still she reigns,o'er our minds and farms, but queen at such a cost
The little girl who cried in my arms, and slept her final sleep

Image courtesy of Naergi


or to be naught ... as I am

To be
or not to be
or to be naught
...as I am

I see what I don't
with these eyes that are naught
The world lives outside
of this cage that I've wrought

A length holds me here
I will fly nevermore
Forever at anchor
on a fog shrouded shore

Freedom? remote;
for it isn't to be
A prisoner held
but the keeper is me

Living my hell
in a gray, self imposed
feeling no more
with a heart long since closed

Pity me not
no, no tears to be shed
I knew what I did...
at least, that's what I said

Fly away. Leave me
alone in my grave
No resurrection;
there's nothing to save

My due has been served
and the piper has come
At the end of my chain
I am comfortably numb.

photo courtesy Lauren Weyland and Bryn Oh



I pour, I drink
I choose to think
I seek the brink
and peer beyond

I seek the truth
inside my youth
(long in the tooth
my youth begone)

knows naught of me
I look to see
what can be drawn

I walk back to
what I once knew
when I withdrew
and this become.

photo courtesy Suzen Juel


Here I sit (what I've become)
Master of what I survey
Naught of value

Here I dream (what may be?)
looking beyond what holds me
looking beyond my future

I see the world
out of reach
out of focus
out of patience with me...
... and I shrink
I fade
I wither
I realize...
... it must be me
that cares
that pushes
that dreams

For, if not me then
I am lost.

photo courtesy of Suzen Juel


Lost to me
hidden in a place removed from
all that I understand

I reach out
... to touch
... to feel
... to regain something
that I can no longer find

Once here, once real, once...
was it mine?
"once mine"?
the words feel foreign, distant, false

Can I claim as mine what I cannot touch?
what I cannot feel?
what I cannot...
or can I?
Is it gone, or am I?
Am I here?
am I real?
Am I?
Was I?

Or, was I the dream
hidden in a place removed from

photo courtesy Suzen Juel

Dreaming of you

Dream I now of holding close
the warmth I've drempt of times forgotten
Feel I now the skin so supple
drown me with a heady joy

Think I now of words so tender
spoken with a voice so true
holding in my mind, the image
Dream I now of holding you




Dreams she now of touch so kind
Thoughts of him she left behind
Would she now be lost in thought
with all her dreams been gone to naught

Thinks he now of finger's touch
Warm embrace and spirit's rush
Lost to her, the feeling dead
Her image fills his lonely head

Lover's quarrel and wreckage left
Left adrift and, so, bereft
Isolation thrust upon
by thoughts, sincere, that love is gone

20110129 (image by xkcd)