Twas years gone by, more than I recall, the sand beneath her feet
The warrior lass, who ne'er did fall, stood in the morning sun
It fell upon her stately form, light armor shined and neat
The stance which had become her norm and caused the weak to run

So long ago, when her father fell, she guarded him with ire
A tender age lost to battle's hell, she let no foe come near
'til battle won, and cast his limp husk into the funeral pyre
Then trained she well, from dawn until dusk, to give no home to fear

The darkness soon, it became her friend. She stood within it, tall
Her soul denied, with her childhood end, the bonny joy of youth
And so she stood before all her kin, resolve'ed ne'er to fall
Leather and steel now embrace her skin, and have become her truth

Her battles: fierce, her vic'tries many, a champion forged and smart
Her temper fair, decisions canny, in elven lore renowned
The golden sword, carnelian stone, hard and darkened heart
She took no mate but stands not alone, with kith and kin she's found

Then rose she did as she gained repute, princess of common stock
A legend born, and none would refute the regal nature there
They bade her rule, this reluctant queen, denied her childhood frock
Accept she did and upon this scene she ruled them stern and fair

I tell you now, as I breathe my last, before my memory's lost
how she was loved by all those she passed, a love profound and deep
And still she reigns,o'er our minds and farms, but queen at such a cost
The little girl who cried in my arms, and slept her final sleep

Image courtesy of Naergi

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