or to be naught ... as I am

To be
or not to be
or to be naught
...as I am

I see what I don't
with these eyes that are naught
The world lives outside
of this cage that I've wrought

A length holds me here
I will fly nevermore
Forever at anchor
on a fog shrouded shore

Freedom? remote;
for it isn't to be
A prisoner held
but the keeper is me

Living my hell
in a gray, self imposed
feeling no more
with a heart long since closed

Pity me not
no, no tears to be shed
I knew what I did...
at least, that's what I said

Fly away. Leave me
alone in my grave
No resurrection;
there's nothing to save

My due has been served
and the piper has come
At the end of my chain
I am comfortably numb.

photo courtesy Lauren Weyland and Bryn Oh

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