through a veil of magic
a world unfolds
beyond the veil
so much untold
images form
out of the mist
gently kissed
thoughts reborn
forgotten, missed,
step through the veil
spirits blissed
welcomed warmly
dispelling wist

I feel them near
I hope, I pray
they do not fade
no, not today
they'll warm my heart
on winters day
and fill my heart,
hold fear at bay

Oh, are you there?
Please, do you hear?
these images
I hold so clear

thoughts and shadows
on which I glance
fear them fleeing,
taking chance
reach to touch them
feel them dance
before they're gone,
past circumstance


Image courtesy of Suzen Juel


having been

thoughts meander, images collide
memories wander, feelings flow
thinking of your touch, your smile, your eyes
aware that they are thoughts
and images
and memories
and feelings
... and not you.

reaching out, touching as ships pass in the night
thinking, hoping to pass again

realizing futility

and understanding
no more to be

is what remains


Shadows (another view)

paintings in light
falling where they may
it is her, yet not
the gentle curves, the stance,
   a hint of the attitude
all there...
   ... yet not.
fading with the setting sun
never to be just there
   just like that


Pela was here

Wings lay hidden
flights untold
dreams are ridden
wings unfold

life takes turns
fancies meld
the spirit yearns
for the wishes held

For Rommy



Places to hide, images altered
lurking inside, reality fades.
Things not denied, but truth that has faltered;
thoughts that defied; memory jades.

dusks, it is said, steal the lines from our eyes
Grays from the reds and the yellows are white
colors lay dead as the moon claims the skies
details are led away into the night


Image by Di Hoorenbeek, SL

Sleep well

sleep well, Marielle.
Dream of days filled with visits
Sleep well, Marielle
Seeing sights and "what is it"s
Fill your pages with places
to go and explore
List your main destinations
and then add even more
Yes, sleep well, Marielle
Dream of places you'll go to
When you wake,
plan to make them come true.



Beside myself

Here is the inspiration

I took a walk the other day
"To find myself" is what I say
I'm looking for just another way
to understand my being

When next to me, I realized
was walking (boy was I surprised!)
myself, not in the least disguised,
It was me that I was seeing

This oddness had me in despair
(I did not like me being there)
until I saw his graying hair
and HIS look of disbelieving

So, up, the conversation grew
where to go, I wish I knew
time was passing, minutes flew
not sure what was achieving

I soon learned I was clueless, yes
of how I'd gotten in this mess
when I asked me, well I knew much less
and both of me were truly lost

but comfort lay right in that feeling
knowing not what life was dealing
this oddness soon became appealing
with oh, so little perceived cost

but in the end, I had to go
I shook my hand and bowed quite low
for it was me I'd come to know
while walking in that no place

I miss me sometimes feeling nearer
but when I look into the mirror
I feel that I have naught to fear or
cause a frown upon my face



Intimate Stranger

Loneliness visits me now and again
... stays for a while and then wanders away
Not really thinking, I take it all in
and watch for the light of the waking new day

She sits by my side or she walks 'cross the floor
or waves from outside, lest she hide in the mist
Though often she's touched me (I've wanted for more)
and crossing my lips... no, she never I've kissed