Beside myself

Here is the inspiration

I took a walk the other day
"To find myself" is what I say
I'm looking for just another way
to understand my being

When next to me, I realized
was walking (boy was I surprised!)
myself, not in the least disguised,
It was me that I was seeing

This oddness had me in despair
(I did not like me being there)
until I saw his graying hair
and HIS look of disbelieving

So, up, the conversation grew
where to go, I wish I knew
time was passing, minutes flew
not sure what was achieving

I soon learned I was clueless, yes
of how I'd gotten in this mess
when I asked me, well I knew much less
and both of me were truly lost

but comfort lay right in that feeling
knowing not what life was dealing
this oddness soon became appealing
with oh, so little perceived cost

but in the end, I had to go
I shook my hand and bowed quite low
for it was me I'd come to know
while walking in that no place

I miss me sometimes feeling nearer
but when I look into the mirror
I feel that I have naught to fear or
cause a frown upon my face


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