Leaving the Ice Queen

For far too long mine eyes were cloaked
by imagery her lies provoked
along with passion's fires, well stoked
kept me blind, contented

But eyes so cloaked in love's own magic
can fall to searing pain, so tragic
Close the heart's door, chain and latch it
further rending thus prevented

Living so is full of sorrow
ever hiding from tomorrow
memories are sought to borrow
ever searching for a light

This Queen of ice with frozen heart
(leaving victims torn apart)
felt no compassion from the start
and knows not wrong from right

Only when her true love flees,
I crawl away on bloodied knees
consume'd by this foul disease,
escaping from her spell

Bursting, weak, into the day
casting mental chains away
(wrought by her emotions play)
my refuge from that hell

Now I stand, my own two feet
and each new day, I smile and greet
and try to purge the long deceit
that held me for so long

And she now tells me I'm her love
a gift from heaven up above
Belong together, hand and glove
I think she may be wrong.

image courtesy of BinaryRhyme with permission

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