No excuses

Merely a shadow of what it once was
it remains
Twisted, perverted, some say
it remains

but, also remains a sense, a spirit, a vestige
you know it, as do so many others

In the disdain felt when looking upon the way it has been changed
In the joy felt when looking upon the way it lives on
In the wishes given, received, shared
In the present that isn't quite right
isn't perfect, but...

It is still here
and you know it.
you keep it alive in your way
and I keep it alive in mine

It's holly and jolly
It's deep and morose
It's lonlier than it used to be
It's so much better than it used to be

It makes you feel
or it makes you want
or it makes you someone you haven't been all year
except for now

I make no excuse when I say
Merry Christmas.


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