Mine own true enemy

Come ye now and dare to face me
Do your worst, try to erase me
I will not run, you won't debase me
Do your worst, fell monster

Armed with words, the brave Pedant did
step into this world, enchanted
facing fears long since recanted
where you dwell, fell monster

Shall I hide beneath this shadow?
walk into a misty meadow?
face you down with bow and arrow
face to face, fell monster?

Now, to you, a solemn promise
You'll be down, head on the ground! This
is my right! A well earned office
You will die, fell monster!

Through the mists I hear you coming
Echoed roar, I hear you running
Burning anger, you are coming
FACE ME NOW, fell monster

Looking close, I see the eyes shine
Bearing down, I stand in his line
In his face, I sense, I see mine
are you me, fell monster?

2013/04/07 via NL495

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