Speak to me now
If only you could
As I wait ...
... and look in your eyes
... and wonder

If you knew where I have been
would you stay?

Still as I am
do you know that I live?
(or lived...)

For you, I am here, still, quiet,
your perch, your safe harbor

What I have done matters not to this moment.
Would you forgive me if you knew?

Time heals all wounds, but which clock?
how much time?
how deep are the wounds?
Or, are they changes, not meant to heal?
Changes that,
with the slow, meandering trickle of time

I am us.  We are me, and we are not.
Are these the eyes I saw through yesterday?
When was yesterday?

Are you part of us?

or, are you free

2013/07/09 inspired by WhiskeyMonday's image

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