Sweet Child of Mind

Somewhere, I remember
Somewhere, I feel

I think of you,
and how you grew
I kissed away the tears
I hugged away the fears
I showed you the way
when the road ahead was uncertain
although it was a guess

Somewhere, I believe

I think of your first steps
of your scrapes and bruises
that hurt me more than you can imagine
I dream of your successes
Your proud face as you stood on your own
and began to walk where you chose
and not where I led you

Somewhere, it happened

I see your face age
I see your smile
as it changed from innocence
to knowing bemusement
at where we have all gone
and cannot return from

Somewhere, it remains

I yearn to recapture
to relive
to live
to feel

Somewhere, it can be

But not here, not now
This isn't you, could it be?
Can it ever be?
Are these even my memories?
Please tell me that you are my memory
that I held you
and kissed away your tears
so very long ago

Somewhere, it must have been

2013/07/09 inspired by WhiskeyMonday's image

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