I'll tell you a secret, but you can't tell a soul
'bout my friend, little freddie, who hides in the grass
The first time I passed him I quite almost missed him
he blends in so well, it is easy to pass.

He takes me to places I wouldn't be likely
to think of as places I want to be near
He has introduced me to many a trav'ler
and with him I haven't the slightest of fear.

I sit on his head (doesn't that just sound silly?)
but he likes it and carries my proudly like that
He shows me off happily, likes me to ride him
(it's sort of like being his favorite hat!)

I don't tell my school friends, they'd just criticize me
and push me and poke me like they always do
I don't tell my parents, they say I daydreaming
but please be my friend so that I can tell you.

(Painting by Marielle)

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