fancy undone

passing fancy oft eludes
focused thought that it intrudes
pushing back, the focus chokes
what, otherwise, fancy evokes

fast, describe what caught your eye
with feelings deep, you know not why
something wild that touched your soul
releasing what you can't control

search, embrace it carefully
that which logic cannot see
shade it from the burning light
of analyzing wrong from right

seek the place where it may grow
fragile seeds float on the breeze
seek the place for them to sow
and come to be what they may be

some will flourish, these are few
most will wilt, die on the vine
many killed by morning dew
the weight too much, although benign

passion, only, will sustain
the fancy through the passing days
but is this passion love or pain?
can we see it through the haze?

thinking on this carefully
sadly is the end begun
for focus is the very force
twas how the fancy was undone.


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