To Irena (and Eshi, wherever she chooses to be)

The past lives in you.
The future stretches to infinity before your eyes.
Both are within you and within your reach.
Take them to heart and breathe their fresh perfume; their intoxicating musk; their life affirming scent.
Make them your own, bend them to your will and release them again for the world to behold.
You, the creator, have landed again, in yet another new place as old as the last.
A new page awaits...
a new chapter?
A new volume?
A new story?
No matter...
The world will await your steps...
Sometimes without response,
Sometimes with quiet accolades,
Sometimes with derision,
But know that you are felt, that you are part, that you are in the weave of all that is and will be.
Welcome home...
... wherever you are and wherever you go.


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